Our Vision

“to provide our selected clients with the highest levels of build quality whilst maintaining safety, cost and service delivery expectations”

Project Management and Construction Group Australia is committed to providing our clients the successful delivery of projects ranging from minor works to large‐scale projects. We pride ourselves on making construction easy for the client, managing projects with a “hands on approach” and superior customer focused attitude.

Our background

At PMC Group we have identified that the construction industry has become over complicated by big businesses who’s focus appears to be the bottom line, not the client or the process of working together to achieve a common goal.

From our experience, large organisations engage numerous people to do small sections of a project, e.g. estimators, project managers, supervisors and tradesmen. This is a costly and sometimes inefficient way to achieve a final result.

We identify that in a tall organizational structure like this, client needs tend to get lost. Communication suffers and ultimately the extra burden of dealing with multiple stakeholders is not cost effective to the client.

PMC Group manages all of this; simply raise a purchase order and PMC Group will take care of the rest.  Our focus is to simplify this and work hand in hand with our selected clients to provide rapid innovative construction solutions and develop long term customer relationships.

PMC Group provides services to our selected clients offering a ‘One Stop Shop’ for project management and construction, bringing all services and delivery methods under the one umbrella.

PMC Group simplifies the process to deliver a better product, faster and cost effectively.
Put simply we are all about “making construction easy”

Estimation and pricing

When we estimate our pricing is based on 5 key areas:
  • Communication
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Time
  • Cost

Using specifications and plans provided we strive to achieve the best possible pricing structure that accounts for all costs across the entire project.  Clarification of specification and the scope of work ensures that we limit the amount of anomalies and variations that arise.

We provide transparent pricing on specific projects when requested.
This provides our clients with confidence that they are receiving the best possible market price and enables PMC Group to maintain a competitive edge. 
PMC Group clients can also choose a cost plus margin option, this provides transparency on all costs relating to a project where the initial costs cannot be estimated or budgeted.  If clients decide not to proceed with PMC Group construction works on a project, they still have the option of accessing PMC Group for their project management requirements.


New construction and refurbishment works.

Our core business is based around the provision of project management of new constructions, repair and refurbishment works.
In particular we focus on the key client spheres of:
  • Local Government
  • Public Buildings and facilities.
  • Aged care facilities
  • Insurance repair works
We understand that these clients require a higher level of service and heightened degree of responsibility for construction providers such as PMC Group.
We extend the same service level to all clients.


Project Management

PMC Group prides itself on its ability to project manage in the construction industry.
When we commence work our objective is to understand and exceed all client expectations.   We manage our projects internally from concept, budget and planning through to completion and project delivery sign off.  We use the latest technology and software to provide project planning and project execution along with budget and job tracking throughout the project.

We also understand that there are times where clients are too busy to manage their own projects.  PMC Group can provide project managers to oversee the entire project. We provide the same level of project management service delivery without the commitment of hiring new staff.

Asset Management

In addition to general construction works PMC group can provide and maintain a list of assets including Essential Safety Measures with existing and new equipment.

PMC group can develop programs for the ongoing maintenance of all ESM equipment to current Australian standards AS 1851 and AS 3745.

PMC Group can undertake inspections and asset condition reports prior to engaging trades and ongoing works where required.


The cornerstone to our business success is our attitude towards communication. 

Communication is the key to our safety and quality processes.

We are committed to providing clients with accurate and up-to date information at every stage from quotation to project delivery.

For each project we assign a project manager to liaise directly with the client.
Regular communications from PMC Group include:
  • Weekly reports on completed and programmed work on site.
  • Updated works schedule.
  • Confirmation of stage completions and opportunity to inspect works.
  • Confirmation of mandatory inspections.
  • Immediate site quality and safety issues that may affect the client and works schedule.
  • Record of discussions/variations and site anomalies that impact site works.

At the completion of each project we will provide a complete package of information detailing:

  • Works complete.
  • Completion Certificates.
  • Trade Specific Compliance certificates.
  • Instruction manuals / service manuals.
  • List of variations and anomalies.
  • List of safety and quality inspections including issues and outcomes

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

At PMC Group we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering a quality product on time and to budget. Underpinning everything we do is our commitment to providing a safe working environment.

Our obligations extend from the safe site management of our staff and contractors and an understanding and awareness of any person who come into contact with us and our work site.

Where work sites require us to have a heightened awareness of security, we ensure that our staff is briefed in all client protocols to ensure a safe and efficient delivery of service. This is important, especially when working within aged care facilities and public building environments.

Prior to commencement of each project we conduct a site specific Risk Assessment.
Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) are developed and each trade on site is signed into our SWMS.
Each site has a site specific safety induction and safety plan incorporating regular site inspections and our Incident Reporting procedures.

As HSE is forever evolving, PMC Group actively and continuously monitor sites to ensure that we maintain our sites and maintain a “best practice” approach to the way we perform each task.


Providing a safe and healthy work environment is the first step in our quality program.

For each project, we determine the quality expectations for finished workmanship with our clients prior to work commencing.

Pre-start inspections and audits help determine any anomalies that may affect the outcome of the work we perform. Therefore any issue that we find is, again, raised with the client prior to the commencement of works.

During each project we monitor the quality of the works being performed. Typically each trade, service or stage of works is inspected prior to the commencement of the next stage in the project.

This ensures that the proceeding works have a quality foundation to start on.

We also employ a “best of the best” philosophy where we engage the best trades people and provide the best materials (if not otherwise specified) for each project.


Site, asset and business protection is an area that can sometimes be over looked.
We maintain the following insurances and coverage across the business.
  • Public Liability to $20m
  • Work-cover insurance with coverage for all staff / contractors.
  • Contract Works
  • Professional Indemnity insurance.
  • Home Owners Warranty Insurance (where required for Domestic Works)
  • Construction insurance (inducing tools, materials, damage to site)
PMC Group has a varied and experienced group of trades that are in partnership with us right across Australia.

PMC Group personally and professionally engages, directs and supervises all trades on all projects, while monitoring all Safety, HSE, build quality and time scheduling.

We ensure that all of our contractors are trade qualified and meet all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements to complete their assigned task. 


         Platinum Partner

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